Every bronze will collect some dust. As a general rule of thumb, indoor pieces should be cleaned and waxed once a year and outdoor pieces should be waxed twice.

The best way to clean dust from your sculptures is to wipe it with a slightly damp rag. Do not use soap or household cleaners as they may strip the patina, react with patina, or leave a residue. Dry the bronze thoroughly with a soft rag.

To wax your bronze, first choose a fine carnauba or beeswax based wax, like Johnson’s Paste Floor Wax. Waxes for cars or boats are not recommended. Wait until later in the day to ensure that the surface condensation is not a problem and make sure the piece is completely dry. Apply a thin layer of wax with a soft bristle brush and allow the wax to dry for the recommended time on the label. Gently buff it with a soft, clean rag. Two to three coats are usually sufficient for most conditions. With just a little bit of time and effort, you'll have your bronze clean and shiny and ready to put back on display. A more thorough waxing process may be completed with a heat source and we are available for consultation if and when necessary.